Camera-Ready Instruction

Please take note that the DEADLINE for camera ready is 22nd AUGUST 2014.  Authors are to submit their Final Manuscript  and Copyright Form via EDAS system using the link provided in the paper acceptance notification email sent by AIRS2014 committee. (E.g, for paper id #1569910199, the link for submission is

When preparing the camera-ready papers, please follow the rules below:
(a) Camera-ready papers should NOT have page numbers. All numbering will be done by the publisher.
(b)Submissions should be identifiable through a filename convention. Please use “AIRS2014_XXX.pdf” for your filename, where XXX is the paper number assigned to your submission by EDAS (e.g.: “AIRS2014_1569910199.pdf”).

 Guidelines for submission are as follows:

 Step 1.  Submit ONE zipped file at the Final Manuscript icon containing:

a) Camera ready file in MS Word OR Latex. Please follow guidelines located at

b) Camera ready file in PDF.

Step 2.   Submit Springer copyright form at Copyright Form icon.  The ‘Consent to Publish’ form can be found at:

** At least ONE author of the paper must register for the conference.  Registration guidelines can be found at

All authors must adhere to these guidelines to ensure the paper to be published.